Exhibit Details

8×10 space (10ft wide, 8ft deep).  Tables can be rented.

Business Cost: $180 (boutique owners, contractors, wholesalers, etc)

Direct Sales: $150 (Multi-level companies)

Crafter: $100 (handmade product produced by you)

ELECTRIC: This will be handled through the River Centre.  It is $100 charged by the River Centre.  You will need to call them to set up electric for your booth.

GRAB BAGS: $25 Grab bags are advertisement for your business. There will be 100 bags. We supply the bag. You supply the item to put in the bag. Can be a business card, coupon, free item, etc. Drop them off at check-in.

CHECK IN: 7AM.  There will be a main loading dock to unload from.  There will be carts offered but they are minimal.


If interested in being a vendor, please fill out the inquiry form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1DikOreWrethkYFPJ0bIeu7RyXiudZEHiogCK8oajBvw/edit

Once your inquiry is submitted and approved, you will be invoiced to the e-mail provided.

If you have any questions, e-mail us at showinfo@athomecreationsllc.com