Joining our love of shopping with our passion for event planning, we founded At Home Creations in order to allow local craft vendors and independent business owners to form face-to-face relationships with their valued customers. Approaching the event planning industry from a unique standpoint, we focus our efforts on providing a superior experience for our vendors and event attendees alike.

As experts in event planning, we understand that the success of any vendor-based show hinges on the satisfaction of every involved party. It is our goal to help each vendor enjoy high rates of booth traffic, and that each show visitor enjoys a wide selection of high-quality goods from which to shop.

Engaging, fun and unique, each At Home Creations event is created to foster community through face-to-face, customer interactions. Always supporting the independent business owner, we believe in facilitating growth in entertaining ways.

Held in the area’s most incredible facilities, each community event promises the opportunity to build sales as well as a supportive network of peers and customers.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to showcase your product to your future customers.

Find out more about each of our unique events by contacting us now.